Lunch & Brunch

Lunch & Brunch

Christmas Sambo G,MK,MD

Home roasted Turkey&Ham, stuffing,

cranberry sauce, tomato, lettuce, mayo, spelt bread


Chicken Classic G,MK,MD

Chicken, Irish cheddar, honey mustard dressing,

focaccia bread


Italian Chicken G,MK,N

Chicken, goat's cheese, sun dried tomatoes,

pesto, focaccia bread


Ham Classic G,MK

Irish ham, cheddar cheese, sun dried

tomatoes, onion jam, focaccia bread



Bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato, multi grain bread


Naandwich  G,MK

Naan bread, coronation chicken,

red pickled onion, mango chutney, salad


G:gluten, E: eggs, MK: milk, P: peanuts, CY: celery, N: nuts, MD: mustard, SE:sesame, L: lupin, F: fish

Please ask member of staff if you have any allergies!!!

We cannot guarantee items to be 100% free off allergens.