Breakfast Stack G,E,MK

Stack of 3 pancakes, egg sunny side up,

2 bacon,2 sausages, black&white

pudding,tomato and maple syrup.


NewYorker G,E,MK

Stack of 3 pancakes, egg sunny side up,

2 bacon, white pudding & maple syrup


Manhattan G,E,MK

Stack of 3 pancakes, egg sunny side up,

2 bacon, 2 sausages & maple syrup


Bacon&Maple G,E,MK

Stack of 3 pancakes, 2 bacon

& maple syrup


Bananaramma G,E,MK

Stack of 3 pancakes, banana &

Butterscotch sauce, whipped cream


Merry Berry G,E,MK

Stack of 3 pancakes, fresh berries,

chocolate sauce, whipped cream


Blueberry Bliss G,E,MK

Stack of 3 pancakes, fresh blueberries,

drizzle of honey, whipped cream


Nutella Peanut Cracker G,E,MK

Stack of 3 pancakes, Nutella, peanut

butter, salted peanuts, whipped cream


Cinnamon Twist G,E,MK

Stack of 3 pancakes, dusting of cinnamon,

whipped cream


ADD ONS from € 1.00

Bacon 1.25, sausage 1.25, egg 1.25,

pudding 1.25, maple syrup 1.25,

peanut butter 1.25, Nutella 1.60, berries 2.00,

ice cream 1.25, cream 0.50

Gluten free pancakes extra charge €2.00


The Mexican G,MK,MD

6oz Beef burger, jalapeno relish,

chilli cheddar, lettuce, potato cubes


Honeypot Classic G,MK

6oz Beef burger, bacon, mature cheddar,

tomato, lettuce, red onion, potato cubes


BBQ Sensation G,MK

6oz Beef burger, smoked cheddar,BBQ

sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion, potato cubes


Chicken Burger G,MK

Breaded chicken fillet, mature cheddar, garlic

mayo, lettuce. tomato, red onion, potato cubes


Veggie Burger G,MK

Vegetarian burger, cheddar cheese, tomato,

red onion, lettuce, chilli jam



Eggs Benedict G,MK,E

Toasted brioche, bacon, 2 soft poached eggs,

Hollandaise sauce


American Hot Pizza G,MK, E

Pepperoni, Jalapenos


Vegetarian Pizza G,MK,F,E

Mushrooms, peppers, sweetcorn, onions


Hawaiian Pizza G,MK

Ham, pineapple


Hot & Spicy Pizza G,MK,E

Cajun chicken, pepperoni, jalapenos, onion


Meat Feast Pizza G,MK,E

Cajun chicken, sausage, ham, peppers


Tagliatelle carbonara G,MK,E

Creamy sauce, bacon, parmesan


Spicy penne G,MK,E

Spicy creamy sauce, chicken,

mediterranean veg, parmesan


Penne chorizo E,MK

Sun dried tomato sauce, spicy chorizo,

mediterranean veg, parmesan


Penne Vegetariano E,G,MK

Tomato sauce, mediterranean veg, Cashel Blue

cheese, parmesan



Chicken , bacon, cheese MK €10.50

Mediterranean veg & cheese MK €10.50

(V) Halloumi & Mediterranean veg MK €10.50


Christmas Sambo G,MK,MD

Home roasted Turkey&Ham, stuffing,

cranberry sauce, tomato, lettuce, mayo, spelt bread


Chicken Classic G,MK,MD

Chicken, Irish cheddar, honey mustard dressing,

focaccia bread


Italian Chicken G,MK,N

Chicken, goat's cheese, sun dried tomatoes,

pesto, focaccia bread


Ham Classic G,MK

Irish ham, cheddar cheese, sun dried

tomatoes, onion jam, focaccia bread



Bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato, multi grain bread


Naandwich  G,MK

Naan bread, coronation chicken,

red pickled onion, mango chutney, salad


Good for You G,MK

Avocado, sun dried tomatoes, 2 poached eggs,

mixed grain bread


G:gluten, E: eggs, MK: milk, P: peanuts, CY: celery, N: nuts, MD: mustard, SE:sesame, L: lupin, F: fish

Please ask member of staff if you have any allergies!!!

We cannot guarantee items to be 100% free off allergens.