Breakfast Menu.

Breakfast Menu.

Honeypot Breakfast G,E,MK

2 sausages, 2 bacon, 1 egg, tomato,

Black&White pudding, toast,

potato bread,Tea or Filter coffee


Eggs Benedict   G,E,MK

Toasted brioche, bacon,

2 soft poached eggs,Hollandaise sauce


Eggs Florantine  G,E,MK

Toasted brioche, spinach,

2 soft poached eggs,

Hollandaise sauce


Eggs Royale G,E,MK,F

Toasted brioche, 2 soft poached eggs,

smoked donegal salmon,

Hollandaise sauce


Veggie Eggs Benedict G,E,MK

Toasted brioche, 2 soft poached eggs,

Halloumi,half avocado,

Hollandaise saucе


Breakfast Burrito G,MK,E

1 sausage, 1 fried egg, 1 bacon,

potato bites, tomato relish


Honeypot Omelette E,MK

3 eggs, bacon, mushrooms,

cheese, garnis


Honeypot Veggie Breakfast G,E,MK.

1 fried egg, tomato, mushrooms, beans,

potato bread, potato bites, toast,

Tea or Filter coffee


Belgian Sweet Waffle G,MK

Belgian sweet waffle, Maple syrup,

fresh berries, choice of scoop of ice cream,



Creamy Porridge & Berries G,MK


Glam Porridge G,MK,N

Organic porridge, sultanas,

apricots, crunchy nut flakes,

fresh berries, maple syrup



natural yoghurt & berries G,MK,N



Crispy potatoes. €1.00

Beans €1.50

Mushrooms €1.20

G:gluten, E:eggs, MK:milk, P:peanuts, CY:celery, N:nuts,

MD:mustard, SE:sesame, L:lupin, F:fish

We cannot guarantee items to be 100% free of allergens.

Please ask member of staff if you have any allergies!!!